The "Visit Opolskie" tourism cluster

The tourism cluster of the Opolskie Voivodeship, “VisitOpolskie”, is based on the members of the Opole Silesia Regional Tourist Organisation.

OROT has been active as an association since 2003. The President of OROT is Stanisław Rakoczy, who is also Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. OROT’s primary objective is the broadly defined promotion of the Opolskie Voivodeship. To carry out this task, OROT is organising numerous training sessions for the tourist industry and study visits for journalists, and tour operators from this country and abroad. In 2012 OROT, along with the Marshal’s Office of the Opolskie Voivodeship, participated in 13 tourism trade fairs in Poland and abroad, where it handed out several dozen thousand copies of materials promoting the Voivodeship. Thanks to these projects, 14 of which were implemented by OROT in 2012, it is working more intensively and effectively for the benefit of the Opolskie Voivodeship.

Most importantly, the Opole Silesia Tourist Information Centre was established, along with the web portal, which, according to the statistics, is growing more popular with each day among domestic and foreign users. The long list of local governments, institutions and other entities which have trusted us includes The Marshal’s Office of the Opolskie Voivodeship, P.B.P. Sindbad from Opole, Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A., JuraPark in Krasiejów, and higher education institutions such as the Opole University of Technology and the WSB School of Banking in Wrocław, thanks to which the number of OROT members in 2012 exceeded 100! An unquestionable benefit for the Region’s tourist industry and a long-awaited solution to meet its expectations has been the establishment by OROT of the “VisitOpolskie” tourism cluster. Why join the “VisitOpolskie” cluster? Because the big can do more!


  • Good contact with partners, building trust, sharing experiences
  • A new look at the tourism market
  • Greater understanding of their own growth opportunities
  • The enhancement of their negotiating position, and the specialisation of their product and service package
  • A more diversified package of products or services at group level
  • Image and marketing, increased presence and reliability
  • A tool to shape policies
  • Support in solving specific problems
  • An opportunity to compare their operations with those of similar companies (benchmarking)
  • New business opportunities, and increased knowledge about other companies and institutions, which can help solve problems and launch new projects



  1. The Cluster’s expansion and internationalisation – building its image, promotion, supporting foreign investments, international cooperation, implementing international projects, improving cooperation instruments and methods.
  1. Studies, analyses, cooperation (networking) – more intensive networking, networking of companies, gathering and sharing information, preparing reports, organising seminars and meetings, creating websites and databases.

  2. Lobbying, influence on policies – participating in dialogue between business, science and politics; actions towards eliminating identified bureaucratic and systemic obstacles.

  3. Economic cooperation – creating client and sub-supplier networks, joint orders, common marketing activities, organising and participating in economic missions, trade fairs and exhibitions.

  4. Developing human resources, education, training – monitoring the labour market for the availability of skilled personnel, organising training sessions, cooperation with educational institutions.

  5. Innovation and technology – diffusing innovations, observing technological trends, setting standards, cooperating with scientific research institutions and institutions supporting innovation.

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